Habsburg Castle

Habsburg Kings' Route

Admission: Entrance free History as audio play On a tour of the castle complex, you can learn all about the Habsburgs' rise to global power at six audio points. Fascinating audio tour The Habsburgs es

Wildegg Castle

Children's area and stables

Admission: Museum entrance fee Saddle up the horses in the stables! Wildegg Castle is a paradise for families: children can play and paint in the castle barn, or saddle up the horses in the stables! C

Wettingen Abbey

Medicinal garden

Admission: Entrance free 120 Tradition of monastic healing Today, medicinal herbs, spices, flowers and also certain vegetables grow in the medicinal garden of Wettingen Abbey. The garden showcases the

Vindonissa Legionary Trail


Getting here Arriving by car For those arriving by car, disabled parking spaces are available on the premises of Königsfelden Psychiatric Services. These are only a few hundred metres away from the Le

Habsburg Castle


Getting here Arriving by car We generally recommend arriving by car. The steeply sloping access to the castle courtyard is closed off with a barrier. Visitors with reduced mobility may enter the court

Lenzburg Castle


Getting here Arriving by car Visitors with reduced mobility can park at the rear entrance of the castle by appointment (follow the "Lieferanten/Behinderte" sign). From this entrance (ring the bell at

Wildegg Castle


Getting here Arriving by car Visitors with reduced mobility may drive up to the castle gate. However, no parking spaces are available here. We kindly ask you to park your vehicle in the general car pa

Königsfelden Abbey


Getting here Arriving by car Visitors with reduced mobility can park at the meeting centre of Königsfelden Psychiatric Services. From there it is about 4 minutes to the convent church on a level path.

Hallwyl Castle


Getting here Arriving by car Parking spaces for visitors with reduced mobility are available directly adjacent to the castle. There is also a disabled parking space in the general car park. Getting he

Wildegg Castle


Enjoy the unique ambience of Wildegg Castle in the bistro, on the loggia or the terrace facing the courtyard. Admission to the castle bistro during museum opening hours is free of charge. CHF, EUR and



Convent garden

Discover secluded spots in the convent garden of Wettingen Abbey and stroll through the historic kitchen garden. A walk through the avenue, with its 200-year-old plane trees, is unforgettable. The convent garden – one of the first landscape gardens in Switzerland – extends from the abbey over three terraces down to the Limmat river. Fruit trees, a vineyard, a vegetable garden and a grotto invite you to stay a while.

English park

On the top terrace is the landscape garden designed according to the English model. The park is famous for its valuable tree population: some of them date back to the 19th century, when the convent garden was laid out in its present form. Settle down in the shade of these trees and enjoy the view of the kitchen garden and the Limmat river.

Baroque kitchen garden

The Baroque kitchen garden extends over the middle terrace of the convent garden. Almost forgotten vegetable varieties and ecologically valuable mixed cultures grow here. Today, the vegetables are processed in the refectory of the cantonal school or sold in the abbey shop.

The kitchen garden is laid out symmetrically and, in its present form, dates back to the early 19th century. The monks and lay brothers experimented here with the cultivation and propagation of different useful plants. Great importance was attached to gardening back when the teacher training college was here.

Avenue of plane trees with grotto

Like a fairy tale: there is no other way to describe this dreamy avenue with its plane trees, some of which are 200 years old. The Limmat river flows beneath the mighty treetops. A grotto adds a touch of mysticism to the avenue.

Opening hours and guided tours

  • The convent garden is accessible free of charge all year round (opening hours) and is maintained by the abbey gardeners.
  • Museum Aargau offers group tours of the abbey gardens.

Other gardens at Wettingen Abbey


Nutzgarten des Konventgartens auf der Klosterhalbinsel Wettingen, im Hintergrund das Kloster Wettingen.
Grotte in der Platanenalee des Konventgartens auf der Klosterhalbinsel Wettingen.
Brunnen im Klosterpark des Konventgartens auf der Klosterhalbinsel Wettingen.
Blick in die idyllische Platanenallee an der Limmat auf der Klosterhalbinsel Wettingen.
Weinreben im Konventgarten auf der Klosterhalbinsel Wettingen.