Stroll through the abbot's garden at Wettingen Abbey, and imagine how the abbot once received his guests here. The garden extends over three terraces. Stone steps, walls, perennial beds and trellises give the "Gnädig-Herren-Garten" (as it is also called in Wettingen sources) a Mediterranean flair.

The abbot's garden (or prelate's garden) was moved several times in the history of the abbey. At one time it was even located on the small island in the Limmat, until it was laid out at its present location as the garden of the abbot's house at the beginning of the 18th century. As the summer residence of the head of the abbey, the garden served as a place to receive visitors.

Opening hours and guided tours

  • The abbot's garden is accessible free of charge during museum opening hours and is maintained by the abbey gardeners.
  • The restored abbot's house with its exhibition can also be visited free of charge during museum opening hours.
  • Museum Aargau offers group tours of the abbey gardens.

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