The Museum Aargau Collection

55,000 objects on the history of Aargau

The Museum Aargau Collection comprises around 55,000 objects from 1000 BC to the present day. They are stored and researched in the Egliswil Collection Centre, where they are also presented during monthly guided tours.

The Museum Aargau Collection has been assembled from various holdings since 1830. It consists of bequests from Aargau's castles and monasteries, numerous donations, objects acquired from company archives and targeted purchases.

The Collection is constantly being expanded and documents Aargau's history in tangible form through objects that can be experienced.

Collecting, preserving, researching

Collecting, preserving and researching objects are among the core tasks of a museum. A collection strategy defines the criteria according to which objects are collected. When an object is added to the Collection, it is inventoried, documented and preserved for storage by experts. If necessary, it is restored. The objects thus form the basis for research and for exhibitions that use originals to make the past come alive.

The items on show in the permanent and special exhibitions of Museum Aargau (including the castles) and other cultural institutions are a mere fraction of what is stored in the Egliswil Collection Centre. Numerous objects are waiting to be exhibited and shown off to the public in the coming years.