Wildegg Castle is a paradise for families: children can play and paint in the castle barn, or saddle up the horses in the stables!

Children's area: books, games and billiards

There's never a dull moment in the children's area at Wildegg Castle! Here, kids can dress up as knights, set the table in the children's castle, browse through books on the elegant sofa or try out old games. They can even play a game of billiards – just as the residents of Wildegg Castle once did.

Stables: saddle up the horses!

In the old stables, Albert von Effinger talks to his favourite horse, while his hunting dog gives a running commentary! The wooden horses are waiting to be fed and groomed. In this exhibition, children learn what horses like to eat, how they were used in the past – and can even meet a talking horse. Sit side-saddle yourself, climb aboard the carriage, or race for the finishing line as a jockey!