What would Lenzburg Castle be without Fauchi! The castle dragon is loved by all young visitors. At the dragon research station you can find out all about the castle's legendary inhabitant.

Fauchi: are you brave enough?

Anyone with enough courage can visit the castle dragon Fauchi at Lenzburg Castle. Enter his dark cave full of hissing, smoke and ominous rumbling. It's an unforgettable experience for castle visitors of all ages!

According to legend, the castle dragon Fauchi hatched from a dragon egg many years ago on the castle hill. He is far less frightening than his ancestors, but meeting him can still be a little scary!

Dragon research station

If you want to know what the legendary dragon likes, how he lives, what his dragon skin feels like or how long his claws are before you visit Fauchi, the dragon research station is the place to go.

There, young researchers can examine a collection of teeth, claws and bones, learn about the different types of dragons, and discover the secret of Fauchi's origins.