Sowing and reaping, rulers and servants, hopes and prayers: discover the medieval world of the lords of Hallwyl and their subjects at Hallwyl Castle.

Permanent exhibition on the family and construction history

Who lived at Hallwyl Castle? When was it built? How did the lords of Hallwyl ensure law and order? And how did the servants live and work? The permanent exhibition in the castle, which was redesigned in 2019, provides an insight into the construction and family history and numerous aspects of the life of the nobility and their subjects.

The topics range from agriculture and fishing to medieval medicine and the prevailing religion-based world view. Audiovisual shows, an audio guide, castle models to touch as well as chests and cabinets to open make the exhibition an experience for the whole family.

Mill Island

On the mill island next to the castle you see into the workings of the grain mill, which was essential for the survival of the people. Having control over the mill and transport routes meant power and income for the lords of Hallwyl.