The Habsburgs exerted a profound influence on the history of Europe. From their ancestral castle in the canton of Aargau they created a global empire. Explore the castle and ruins and be inspired by this historic place.

The original size of Habsburg Castle can only be guessed at today. The rear section of the former double castle still stands, but the remaining parts of the castle complex have largely fallen into disrepair over the centuries.

An exhibition in the castle presents this construction and settlement history, as well as topics such as nutrition, water supply and living conditions. The Habsburg Kings' Route also offers a tour of the castle complex and audio points document the rise of the Habsburgs.

Want to experience Habsburg Castle in its original state? Put on your VR glasses while you're here and experience a virtual 360-degree flight over the castle in around the year 1200!

We recommend combining your visit with a royal meal in the Habsburg Castle restaurant (site in German).