Vindonissa Legionary Trail

Roman sites

ROMAN SITES Amphitheatrum Amphitheatre Porta Decumana North Gate Porta Principalis West Gate Contubernia Soldiers' quarters Culina Centurionis Officers' kitchen Aquaeductus Water main Cloaca Maxima La

Museum Aargau

The Collection

The Museum Aargau Collection has been assembled from various holdings since 1830. It consists of bequests from Aargau's castles and monasteries, numerous donations, objects acquired from company archi

Lenzburg Castle

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Lenzburg Castle

Museum and Exhibitions

The museum and exhibitions at Lenzburg Castle explore 1,000 years of castle history. The texts are translated into English. Step over the drawbridge and immerse yourself in 1,000 years of history! The

Lenzburg Castle


Lenzburg Castle bistro The Mercure Hotel Krone runs the self-service castle bistro in the renovated Bernese House. The historic rooms and the beautiful outdoor area near the baroque garden are a great

Wettingen Abbey


Foundation and construction of Wettingen Abbey The Cistercian Abbey of Wettingen was endowed in 1227 by Heinrich II of Rapperswil. Little is known about its foundation. Legend has it that, in distress

IndustriekulTour Aabach

IndustriekulTour Aabach – Virtual Industrial History

Experience the industrial culture on the Aabach with your smartphone: the IndustriekulTOUR Aabach is the first virtual museum space in the canton of Aargau. Meet bosses and factory workers from the ag

Wettingen Abbey

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Königsfelden Abbey


History A king's murder and the foundation of the monastery The German King Albrecht I fell victim to a conflict within the Habsburg family on May 1st 1308. His nephew Johann felt cheated out of his i

Wettingen Abbey