Egliswil Collection Centre

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The Egliswil Collection Centre is not open to the public. From February to December a public guided tour takes place on the first Tuesday of each month. Event calendar (in German) contact +41 (0)848 8

Vindonissa Museum

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Opening hours Regular opening hours Monday* closed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 1 pm – 5 pm Saturday closed Sunday, public holidays* 1 pm – 5 pm For schools and groups : We open on request add

Vindonissa Legionary Trail


The origins of the ancient site of Vindonissa date back to a Celtic settlement controlling the strategically important position at the confluence of the Aare, Reuss and Limmat rivers. During the Alpin

Vindonissa Legionary Trail

Main road and gate (Via et Porta Praetoria)

The most important gateway in a military camp was the Porta Praetoria. The main road starting at the gate (via praetoria) lead in a straight line to the legion's headquarters (principia), the administ

Vindonissa Legionary Trail

Tours to the Roman sites

From April to October, the Vindonissa Legionary Trail offers exciting expeditions to original Roman sites. Most of the exhibition texts are translated into English. On a self-guided tour, you'll encou

Vindonissa Museum

Getting here by car, train and bus

Directions to Vindonissa Museum Address Vindonissa Museum – Museum Aargau Museumstrasse 1 5200 Brugg Tel. 0848 871 200 Contact Arrival by public transport and car Arriving by train and bus The Vindoni

Vindonissa Museum


The Vindonissa Museum's exhibitions showcase the most important original finds from the excavations at Vindonissa. The permanent exhibition is translated into English. The only Roman legionary camp on

Wettingen Abbey

Museum and tours

Experience the museum, the abbey complex and other highlights of Wettingen Abbey interactively. Museum Aargau offers exhibitions for all tastes as well as tours for families , groups and schools . The

Vindonissa Legionary Trail

Western Gate (Porta Principalis)

A legionary camp had four camp gates (portae), through which the two main roads led into the camp: the front gate (porta praetoria), the rear gate (porta decumana) and the two side gates (portae princ

Vindonissa Legionary Trail

North Gate (Porta Decumana)

The discovery of the North Gate (porta decumana) in 1905 was a major breakthrough for early Vindonissa research. Any remaining doubts were finally dispelled: Vindonissa really had been a legionary cam