Wildegg Castle is the castle of talking portraits: in the ancestral portrait gallery and the living history museum, former castle residents are waiting to chat with visitors. They include Julie von Effinger, the last owner of Wildegg Castle, who recounts anecdotes from her everyday life.

Throughout the castle, large portraits of the von Effinger family come to life and tell of the past in a lively and entertaining way.

An impressive living history museum

With its more than 30 beautifully furnished rooms, Wildegg Castle offers a fascinating insight into the lives of the nobility and their servants. The banqueting hall, salon and dining room – complete with tables set for meals – state rooms as well as the kitchens and maids' quarters – as described by Sophie von Erlach-Effinger in the castle chronicle – can all be visited.

You can also explore the narrow confines of the servants' rooms under the roof, visit the maid in the entrance hall, or sit on the windowsill like Julie von Effinger and gaze into the magnificent palace garden.