Vindonissa Legionary Trail

West Gate (Porta Principalis)

A legionary camp had four camp gates (portae), through which the two main roads led into the camp: the front gate (porta praetoria), the rear gate (porta decumana) and the two side gates (portae princ

Vindonissa Legionary Trail

North Gate (Porta Decumana)

The discovery of the North Gate (porta decumana) in 1905 was a major breakthrough for early Vindonissa research. Any remaining doubts were finally dispelled: Vindonissa really had been a legionary cam

Vindonissa Legionary Trail

Amphitheatre (Amphitheatrum)

The amphitheatre of Vindonissa is the oldest in Switzerland. It was erected by the 13th legion, initially being made of wood. After a fire, the 21st legion replaced it with the stone structure that su

Vindonissa Legionary Trail

Large sewer (Cloaca Maxima)

The large sewer ran along the western front of the legionary camp, immediately adjacent to the camp wall. It lay under the road parallel to the camp wall (via sagularis) and formed part of an extensiv

Vindonissa Legionary Trail


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Wettingen Abbey

Museum and tours

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Vindonissa Legionary Trail


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Königsfelden Abbey

Stained glass windows

A place of commemoration for the Habsburg family was created at the scene of King Albrecht I's murder. The stained glass windows of the church of Königsfelden Abbey reflect the very highest level of c

Vindonissa Legionary Trail

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Opening hours 29 March to 3 November 2024 Monday* closed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9 am – 5 pm Saturday, Sunday, public holidays* 10 am – 6 pm * Open on the following public holidays: Easte

Vindonissa Legionary Trail

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Directions to Vindonissa Legionary Trail Address Legionärspfad Vindonissa – Museum Aargau Königsfelderstrasse 265 5210 Windisch Tel. 0848 871 200 Contact Arrival by public transport and car Arriving b