The museum of domestic life and prison of Lenzburg Castle reveal the lives of lords, rogues and scoundrels. Come and explore!

Domestic life museum: how lords and ladies lived

In the museum of domestic life it feels as if the lords and masters had just left Lenzburg Castle. Filled with original furniture, it provides an insight into the different eras in which the castle was inhabited. In the late medieval kitchen, for example, you can look into the cooking pots, smell the exquisite spices or inspect the kitchen utensils of the time. You'll enter impressive rooms from the 18th century with hand-printed fabric wallpaper all around and a matching tiled stove.

The bathroom with its golden taps bears witness to the luxurious life of the industrialist's wife Lady Mildred, who lived in the castle with her husband Augustus Edward Jessup from 1893 until the 20th century. Many other rooms display exquisite objects and give an impression of how the inhabitants of Lenzburg Castle have lived over the centuries.

Prison: where rogues and crooks ended up

The prison, by contrast, is cold and damp. Enter an original preserved cell from the 17th century and decipher the inscriptions carved into the wood by prisoners. Instruments of torture such as thumbscrews show the methods used in the penal system at that time. The execution sword, with which rogue king Bernhard Matter was the last person to be executed in Aargau in 1854, has been preserved in its original form.