Vindonissa Museum

Quiz Tour

Price Included in admission 0 Price Museum entrance fee No reservation necessary Good to know Independent tour for children from 7 years on Duration: about 30 to 60 minutes Trough the museum with the

Vindonissa Museum

AKTUELL display

Admission: Museum entrance fee Highlights from the Cantonal Archaeology Department The AKTUELL display presents special treasures from the former legionary camp at Vindonissa. A new display is install

Wettingen Abbey

Convent garden

Admission: Entrance free 120 English park, kitchen garden and plane tree avenue Discover secluded spots in the convent garden of Wettingen Abbey and stroll through the historic kitchen garden. A walk

Wildegg Castle

Living history museum and ancestral portrait gallery

Admission: Museum entrance fee Former castle residents are waiting to chat with visitors! Wildegg Castle is the castle of talking portraits: in the ancestral portrait gallery and the living history mu

Wildegg Castle

Hunting and game

Admission: Museum entrance fee Stroke a wild boar! Stroke a wild boar and find out how the lords of Wildegg hunted with birds of prey and dogs around 1800. In the Jagd & Wild (Hunting & Game) exhibiti

Hallwyl Castle

Permanent exhibition with mill island

Admission: Museum entrance fee Permanent exhibition on the family and construction history Sowing and reaping, rulers and servants, hopes and prayers: discover the medieval world of the lords of Hallw

Lenzburg Castle

Domestic life museum and prison

Admission: Museum entrance fee The museum of domestic life and prison reveal the lives of lords, rogues and scoundrels. The museum of domestic life and prison of Lenzburg Castle reveal the lives of lo

Lenzburg Castle

Knighthood and Nobility

Admission: Museum entrance fee The "Knighthood and Nobility" exhibition focuses on the Middle Ages. Medieval fans will find plenty to interest them in the "Knighthood and Nobility" exhibition: discove

Lenzburg Castle

History workshop exhibition

Admission: Museum entrance fee Prepare for a military campaign in the history workshop. Prepare for a military campaign in the history workshop, learn the fighting techniques of a knight or play games

Lenzburg Castle

Fauchi and the dragon research station

Admission: Museum entrance fee Visit Fauchi, the castle dragon! What would Lenzburg Castle be without Fauchi! The castle dragon is loved by all young visitors. At the dragon research station you can f



Permanent exhibition

Visit the rear castle to find out how the Habsburgs lived in their ancestral seat, what was on the menu and how the water supply worked. The permanent exhibition offers an insight into the history of its construction and everyday life in the Middle Ages.

Construction and settlement history exhibition

In the tower of the rear castle at Habsburg is a small exhibition on the buildings' construction and settlement history. A three-dimensional model as well as text and picture panels illustrate the structural development of Habsburg Castle. Objects and illustrations give an insight into everyday life in the castle, covering topics such as food, water supply and living conditions.

Spread around the castle grounds there are also nine panels with information and sketches on the construction history, with interesting facts about individual buildings and phases in the castle's expansion.


Ausstellungsraum in der Dauerausstellung Schloss Habsburg
Historisch Figuren aus damaligen Zeiten in der Dauerausstellung im Schloss Habsburg
Drei Besucher*innen betrachten die Wände vom Schloss Habsburg
Dauerausstellung zur Bau-und Siedlungsgeschichte in der Mitte vom Ausstellungsraum ein Nachbau vom Schloss Habsburg
Zwei Besucherinnen betrachten die Dauerausstellung vom Schloss Habsburg