Children's museum: a paradise for knights and princesses

The children's museum is located right up in the attic of Lenzburg Castle. There are lots of secret nooks and crannies, hidden staircases and oriels to explore. Children can dress up as knights or princesses, chase around the corridors and practise handicrafts and painting to their heart's content.

Children's exhibition PLIRRK! Join us on an expedition

In the children's exhibition PLIRRK!, kids can immerse themselves in the world of explorers. They'll learn from the castle's last inhabitant, polar explorer Lincoln Ellsworth, about the hardships he had to endure on his 1925 North Pole expedition, and find out how to prevent vitamin deficiency on the high seas and navigate the open waters.

The exhibition is made by children for children with financial support from the "Friends of Lenzburg" association. Fun and excitement guaranteed!