Königsfelden Abbey


Getting here Arriving by car Visitors with reduced mobility can park at the meeting centre of Königsfelden Psychiatric Services. From there it is about 4 minutes to the convent church on a level path.

Vindonissa Museum


Getting here Arriving by car Parking spaces for people with reduced mobility are available at the Eisi multi-storey car park in the centre of Brugg. The short distance to the Vindonissa Museum is flat

Wettingen Abbey

Contact & About us

Address Museum Aargau Klosterhalbinsel Wettingen (Wettingen Abbey) Klosterstrasse 10 5430 Wettingen Send a message ​​​​​​​ Organisation Museum Aargau Management Member Contact Marco Castellaneta Direc

Habsburg Castle

Habsburg Kings' Route

Admission: Entrance free History as audio play On a tour of the castle complex, you can learn all about the Habsburgs' rise to global power at six audio points. Fascinating audio tour The Habsburgs es

Wildegg Castle

Children's area and stables

Admission: Museum entrance fee Saddle up the horses in the stables! Wildegg Castle is a paradise for families: children can play and paint in the castle barn, or saddle up the horses in the stables! C

Wettingen Abbey

Medicinal garden

Admission: Entrance free 120 Tradition of monastic healing Today, medicinal herbs, spices, flowers and also certain vegetables grow in the medicinal garden of Wettingen Abbey. The garden showcases the

Lenzburg Castle

Fauchi and the dragon research station

Admission: Museum entrance fee Visit Fauchi, the castle dragon! What would Lenzburg Castle be without Fauchi! The castle dragon is loved by all young visitors. At the dragon research station you can f

Habsburg Castle

Virtual Habsburg Castle

Admission: Entrance free Fly over Habsburg Castle as it was in 1200 Put on virtual reality glasses and take a virtual flight over the Habsburgs' family castle. Experience the imposing complex prominen

Habsburg Castle

Permanent exhibition

Admission: Entrance free Construction and settlement history Visit the rear castle to find out how the Habsburgs lived in their ancestral seat, what was on the menu and how the water supply worked. Th

Vindonissa Legionary Trail


Getting here Arriving by car For those arriving by car, disabled parking spaces are available on the premises of Königsfelden Psychiatric Services. These are only a few hundred metres away from the Le