IndustriekulTOUR Aabach

A Virtual Tour of Industrial History

Experience the industrial culture on the Aabach with your smartphone: the IndustriekulTOUR Aabach is the first virtual museum space in the canton of Aargau. Meet bosses and factory workers from the age of industrialisation! The digital offering is available in German.

Start an exciting tour along the Aabach with your smartphone and experience the industrial history of the canton of Aargau at the original locations: from Hallwyl Castle via Seon, Lenzburg and Niederlenz to Wildegg – all made possible by augmented and virtual reality! Solve puzzles, discover lost buildings and hear and see stories of the industrial heyday along the Aabach.

The interactive game tours shed light on the historical content of industrialisation, but also examine links to contemporary issues at each tour location.

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A cooperative project

IndustriekulTOUR Aabach is a cooperation between Museum Aargau, the Museum Burghalde and the Verein Industriekultur Aabach (both websites in German).

Enquiries and contact

+41 (0)848 871 200

Telephone availability
Tuesday to Friday
9 am – 12 midday