These days, everyone's talking about exotic chia seeds and açai berries, which are said to be particularly healthy. But native plants such as linseed and rose hips are also "superfoods".

The "Superstars in the Vegetable Garden" exhibition in the Wildegg Castle garden sheds light on some of these nutritional trends and fashions of the last three hundred years. There's an in-depth section with three-dimensional (audio) elements for each theme. In the garden there are between five and eight plants with stories for each food trend, with in-depth sections highlighting the following categories:

  • Super-luxurious: aristocratic courts as trendsetters around 1700
  • Super-nutritious: life savers in the food crises around 1800
  • Super-natural: the raw food and vegetarianism movement around 1900
  • Super-trendy: superfood today