Vindonissa Legionary Trail

Roman camp (Contubernia)

The accurately reproduced dwellings of the legionaries (contubernia) are absolutely unique in Europe and offer overnight stays for families, schools and groups. They have been reconstructed using wood

Vindonissa Legionary Trail

North Gate (Porta Decumana)

The discovery of the North Gate (porta decumana) in 1905 was a major breakthrough for early Vindonissa research. Any remaining doubts were finally dispelled: Vindonissa really had been a legionary cam

Vindonissa Legionary Trail

Water system (Aquaeductus)

The aqueduct of Vindonissa now supplies a water fountain, making it the oldest structure in Switzerland that still performs its original function. Using innovative surveying technology, the legionarie

Vindonissa Legionary Trail

Main sewage drain (Cloaca Maxima)

The main sewage drain ran along the western front of the legionary camp, immediately adjacent to the camp wall. It lay under the road parallel to the camp wall (via sagularis) and formed part of an ex

Vindonissa Legionary Trail

Amphitheatre (Amphitheatrum)

The amphitheatre of Vindonissa is the oldest in Switzerland. It was erected by the 13th legion, initially being made of wood. After a fire, the 21st legion replaced it with the stone structure that su

Vindonissa Legionary Trail


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Wettingen Abbey

Museum and tours

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Wildegg Castle

Castle Estate & History

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Wettingen Abbey

Abbey church

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Wettingen Abbey

Opening hours and entrance fees

WINTER BREAK The museum of Wettingen Abbey is closed from November to March. We look forward to your visit from 29 March 2024. Opening hours Opening hours of the museum (with admission fee) Opening ho