Wettingen Abbey

Medicinal garden

Admission: Entrance free 120 Tradition of monastic healing Today, medicinal herbs, spices, flowers and also certain vegetables grow in the medicinal garden of Wettingen Abbey. The garden showcases the

Wettingen Abbey

Cloister garden

Admission: Museum entrance fee 120 Idyllic garden in the heart of the abbey complex Experience a special monastic atmosphere in the cloister garden of Wettingen Abbey: the idyllic garden with its mead

Wettingen Abbey

Convent garden

Admission: Entrance free 120 English park, kitchen garden and plane tree avenue Discover secluded spots in the convent garden of Wettingen Abbey and stroll through the historic kitchen garden. A walk

Wettingen Abbey

Abbot's garden

Admission: Entrance free 120 Stately summer residence of the head of the abbey Stroll through the abbot's garden at Wettingen Abbey, and imagine how the abbot once received his guests here. The garden

Vindonissa Museum

Archaeological research

The depots and archives now contain hundreds of thousands of items and archaeological information that sheds light on the world of the Romans in Vindonissa. Some of this treasure trove is now on show

Vindonissa Museum

AKTUELL display

Admission: Museum entrance fee Highlights from the Cantonal Archaeology Department The AKTUELL display presents special treasures from the former legionary camp at Vindonissa. A new display is install

Lenzburg Castle

Children's museum and PLIRRK!

Admission: Museum entrance fee The paradise for knights and princesses! Children's museum: a paradise for knights and princesses The children's museum is located right up in the attic of Lenzburg Cast

Habsburg Castle

Habsburg Castle - Ancestral Seat of a Global Dynasty - Museum Aargau

The foundation stone of what was to become the Habsburg dynasty was laid at Habsburg Castle in around 1030. Exhibitions, guided tours and events present the history of the legendary castle and its nob

Egliswil Collection Centre

The Collection

The Museum Aargau Collection has been assembled from various holdings since 1830. It consists of bequests from Aargau's castles and monasteries, numerous donations, objects acquired from company archi

Egliswil Collection Centre

Getting here by train, bus and car

Directions to Egliswil Collection Centre Address Sammlungszentrum Egliswil – Museum Aargau Binzenholzstrasse 10 5704 Egliswil Tel. +41 (0)62 888 48 55 Send a message Arriving by train and bus The Egli